4/7 – Omelette you finish but…

I write this post with a looming sense of shame hanging above my head, and i’ll tell you why.

I was hired to teach children how to cook- who don’t have the privilege or opportunities to learn elsewhere. Many of the kids look up to me with respect, blindly trusting my ability to teach them the basic cooking skills they would need to independently feed themselves. And yet…

I don’t know how to make an omelette.

A picture of Esther judging me for not knowing how to make an omelette

It’s not as I don’t understand the basics in omelette making, I could probably wing it and whip together a scrambled concoction that resembles an omelette, but I decided once and for all that today would be the day that I swallow my pride and let wholesome, retired, baby-boomer parents on youtube teach me how to make an omelette.

Mike Foster’s incredibly wholesome omelette tutorial
is one I would recommend to anyone.

So I gathered up all of the items from my fridge, like eggs/cheese/ham, and as a bonus: found two (2) pieces of bacon leftover (nice)!! The trick is to heat up the pan first on low-medium, and put a dash of oil in the pan before you melt the butter – to ensure the butter does not burn!

Another thing I learned on my omelette journey, is not to add milk like you do in scrambled eggs… Use water or nothing at all to avoid the omelette being too liquid-y.

Ok so once all the preparation was done and I watched like 5 different adults teach me how to cook an omelette “perfectly” (5 different ways!!) I figured I would use all of their collective knowledge towards a beautiful omelette on the first try. I slowly poured the egg mixture in, and said a prayer.

Dear God our Lord and Saviour, please grant this omelette the Will and Courage to turn out beautifully on the first try. I am very hungry. In Jesus Christ we pray. A-Woman.

Everything seemed to be looking good, aside from maybe putting a little bit too much butter. I added the ham and cheese, and was confident in my process so far. Heck yeah.

And then it came to flipping the omelette. Easy Peasy, right? Wrong.


But in these times of struggle, sometimes you gotta just roll with it. So i flipped my mishmash excuse for an omelette, plated it, added cheese + bacon, and sat down to eat.

Honestly? Cheers. I think I did pretty good for the first time. I guess i’ll keep practicing! Breakfast at 2pm was a success. Now I can hold my head up high and proudly acknowledge that I know how to make an omelette.


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