Animal Print.

Ok. So i LOVE cow print. It’s kind of a thing right now, and not just for cowgirls! I’m a huge fan with recently incorporating cow print into accessories, clothing, art, and home decorations! I know what it sounds like, and no – my whole house is not cow themed.. but there’s something about animal print as a pattern that makes me extremely happy. I love a faux animal print (ethical is the takeaway here!!)

I was in the painting mood, and I was lacking inspiration. I decided to go for a theme.

It started with cow print.

I decided to draw a border on a canvas. I filled it in with my animal print of choice (cow print, duh!)

From there, I decided to fill in the middle picture with something that matched the theme. I went with my two favourite subjects: aliens and cows!

I found a magazine kicking around, and decided to glue some humans into the spaceship to really add the finishing touches. Who doesn’t love mixed media??

My challenge to you: Pick an Animal Print! Tiger? Cow? Giraffe? Snake? Dalmatian? … and run with it! What masterpiece can you create using this theme? As always, please post them below!! 🙂

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