Self Portrait

Here we are. Week 12/12 of my weekly creative challenges. As my classes are coming to an end for the semester, I will be taking a break from posting.. BUT,


Sometimes, I don’t want to paint anything particular. My favourite part about painting or drawing or anything is the colours. Some people focus on the linework and shading, I focus

Photo Collage

Ok shes/hes and theys… The history of my photo collaging goes waaaay back with me. For almost 12 years, I had a photo collage of magazine pictures taped onto my


We finally did it! Time to cross into other platforms. Follow @SamAverage on Instagram for updates on weekly challenges! Share your version of our weekly challenges with the hashtag #AverageArtChallenge

Play with Flowers

When I came into work the other day, I didn’t realize that I would fulfill my weekly creative activity while getting paid to make a wedding gift for my dear

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