Disclaimer: This week’s challenge was inspired by Lisa Sterle’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck, but it is not financially sponsored or officially affiliated with her work in any way. I’m just a fan. Visit her website or Instagram to support her work!!


My roommate was recently gifted a deck of beautiful Tarot cards for Christmas. They are something i’ve always been fascinated with, but was always too nervous to give them a try because I thought they were too complicated. I love tarot cards because every card is a different piece of artwork with a meaning that can be interpreted in endless different ways. Finally, we decided to read the instructional book and give it a try. We lit a candle, chose a spread for beginners (Past – Present – Future – Advice), shuffled the deck, and took turns choosing cards that felt right and flipping them over one by one and reading their meanings in the book that was given.

By the end, I was in tears. The cards brought out introspection and optimism. We took turns reflecting on the cards and stating out loud what we thought the cards meant to us, relative to our Past, Present, Future, and the Advice that it gives. It was fun, and made both my roommate and I inspired to do readings a few times a week, to keep us thoughtful for the future of 2021.

This Week’s Challenge

I felt extremely inspired by the artwork and meanings of the Tarot cards, especially the deck that we had by Lisa Sterle (check out her work here!) So I decided it would be a cute idea to paint my own Tarot card design! This could be done any size, and in hindsight, it would have been cute to do so over an actual card.

1. I used acrylic paints, thick watercolour paper, and green painters tape to create a white border.

2. I picked my favourite cards to use as inspiration for my tarot card.

Three of Pals

I incorporated aspects of The Moon, The Lovers, and the Queen of Wands to craft Three of Pals. The two people are inspired by my partner and I, and the cat is inspired by my cat, Lulu. We call each other “Pal” which is what inspired the title. My partner has been staying with me and my cat for the past few months, but is going home soon back in Los Angeles. I made this card because while it currently represents my present situation, it will soon represent the past as we will be separated for the next while due to coronavirus border restrictions. This card, however, also represents the future – when we can finally be reunited and live together as three pals. Two lovers and their cat.

Create your own tarot card inspired art work! You can do whatever you want, just make sure you title it and create a border so that it resembles a card. Post your art below!

To learn about the 78 different tarot cards in a deck to inspire you, i suggest checking this website out:

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