finish a picture (your way)

This week, I found a stack of old National Geographic magazines that I had taken from my grandparents house. I have fond early memories of their bookshelves being filled with Nat Geo because they had gotten a monthly subscription sent to their house. Remember when we subscribed to newspapers and magazines and they arrived directly to our door?? Those were the days. Anyways.. I came across a few pictures and wanted to save for some type of craft. While tearing out the picture, I accidentally tore it in half. I was bummed, and then I thought of an idea.

I glued the half picture into my notebook, and i drew the rest of the picture myself (or my version of it!) After pencilling that in, I went over it with watercolour paints and acrylic. To finish, I outlined with sharpie and called it a day. I actually enjoy how they turned out!:

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