Mini Assignment #2: Groot Guest Post!

While it is widely known that only certain people are able to translate the language of Groot, we are lucky enough to have Rocket here to translate the interview! Therefore I would like to take a minute to thank Rocket for his patience and time. Without him, this guest post would not have been possible!

Groot: "I am groot! I am groot. I am groot. I am groot!"        
(Translated into English):
Hello fellow Defenders,
I am Groot!
Sam told Groot he could use computer book for games if he
typed into the computer book for her blog.
Groot think Sam is very nice, so he was happy to do that.
Here are facts about Groot:
-Groot speak 16 languages!
-Groot is last of his kind
-Groot enjoys music and dancing
-Groot is currently not a baby, groot is toddler!
-Groot has bad memory, especially after regenerating
-Groot can control plants
-Groot love Rocket and thinks he is the most underrated, handsome,
intelligent, skilled, awesome, kickass defender out of all of them.
And he deserves a raise. Or to get paid at all.
-Groot can communicate telepathically with Jean Grey
-Groot wishes he could join Sam's Cooking Class...
because his favourite food is Guacamole!

Looking back on this interview, I noticed something odd! I only asked for 8 facts about Groot, and instead I have 9 listed here. It almost appears as if Rocket has included an extra fact somewhere in the interview, but it’s hard to tell which one.

Nevertheless, I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to interview my most favourite hero. Before Groot disintegrates into the day to carry on with, whatever superheroes do, we make plans for lunch next month. I really hope this friendship doesn’t fall into pieces like the one with Spiderman/Peter Parker, who very unexplainably and suddenly ghosted me!

C’est La vie!

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