Peer Review #1 – Bree’s “Declassified Vancouver Survival Guide”

Taken from Bree’s website:

Bree (“like the cheese”) has created a blog called “My Declassified Vancouver Survival Guide,” (a fun throwback to a personal favourite show of mine, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide). This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people who have moved from a smaller town into Vancouver! Bree herself was once in the position where she wished she had a survival guide; she moved from Saskatchewan in 2015 and has used her blog as a platform to express tips and rules that she has learned over the years for fresh Vancouverites to use. Bree has a clear brand of the Survival Guide that is clearly expressed throughout her blog; it is clear that moving to Vancouver was a big part of her life, and she stays true to her self by writing from the heart and using the same playful and pleasant-toned voice consistently through her posts. Furthermore, uses the brand of her “Online Self” – a small city girl transitioning into a big city- to express her learned experiences via the platform of a Survival Guide Blog.

The top navigation bar includes a Home Page, About Page, Survival Guide posts, and POSIEL posts, which make it very easy to navigate to choose which blog posts one wishes to read! As someone who recently has moved into Vancouver from Coquitlam, tip #4: “Make your house feel like home” really resonated with me! Coquitlam is certainly not as far or different as Saskatchewan, and while there’s nothing I would exactly put up that would make me miss the city of Coquitlam (it’s not all that great,) I do have a lot of decorations and items that remind me of my family. Life can get very very busy, and keeping pictures and decorations that remind me of my family can help cure that homesickness – which was heavily defined by my close relationship with my family!  

Bree has a very lighthearted tone in all of her blog posts, I also enjoy the photos that go along with them! In her POSIEL posts, she is very open with her process of building a website with little experience in WordPress which I thoroughly relate to, and i’m looking forward to seeing her progress as we all navigate and learn throughout the semester! While Bree is a very skilled writer, I have a few suggestions that are simply focused on the organization of her posts.

  1. I noticed that going through her POSIEL posts, her posts are organized by date, but backwards! Unlike her Survival Guide page, which displays the most recent posts at the top, her POSIEL posts are organized so that her oldest post is at the top, and most recent post is the furthest down, making it hard to view her blog updates, therefore I suggest that she switch so the most recent posts appear at the top and work their way back! A possible way to fix this, would be to switch the page from a Page to a Category, which would automatically make the POSIEL posts appear from most recent -> oldest.
  2. Another suggestion that I have for Bree is to break up her posts into multiple paragraphs, so it is a little easier on the readers eyes! Bree has a lot of great things to say, and I think this would maximize the readers ability to obtain information! 

Overall, I really think Bree has done a great job in incorporating class information, especially incorporating her Mini Assignment #2 into her blog, by having Spiderman as her guest poster and having him provide a tip for her Survival Guide (see- Tip #3: Don’t Text and Walk)! I look forward to more posts and seeing her blog updates throughout the semester!

Also PS. To Bree, who mentioned she wanted to know how to change her mouse cursor, it’s this plugin!

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