Peer Review #2: Broke Girl Beauty

As a fellow broke girl, I personally loved the idea of a blog dedicated to ✨b e a u t y  on  a  b u d g e t.✨

My first reaction to Broke Girl Beauty was an admiration for the sleek, modern theme. The font used on the blog header is very nice, and interactive when you roll over it with your cursor (it turns a nice blush pink!) The consistent colour scheme of black, white, and shades of light pink gave the blog a nice clean aesthetic. As someone who is considerably struggling to find a nice theme, I was impressed by the layout of the theme she chose! That being said, a way to elevate the theme’s potential, I personally suggest that she add featured pictures to the blog posts, because it looks that the theme relies heavily on picture content to grab the attention of the viewer. The blank boxes on the home page isn’t the best way to gain viewer attention, but then again- I am also personally struggling with adding featured pictures that maintains a clean consistent aesthetic to my blog, while simultaneously telling a story that will gain the reader’s attention.

In Travis Gertz’s article Design Machines, he highlights how well editorial styled pieces get across the message of the content at a glance. He states that “We should treat content development with the same respect that we have for design and engineering,” and closely intertwine the User Experience design (“how it works”) of a website with the User Interaction design (“how it looks”) of a website, and they need to work closely together. In the blog Broke Girl Beauty, the layout and design of the website needs to be on par with the look of the website. Finding aesthetic pictures to feature on posts – that really tell the story of what her content is about- would bring the UX and UI aspects of her blog together.

I enjoyed her page entitled “My Go-To Everyday Makeup Look”. The layout made her content easy to read, and the links to buy each product was an informative touch. I enjoyed the personalized banner that showcased all of the items she went on to talking about, however I would suggest using a darker colour font for the Typography on the banner, as the white on light pink is a little hard on the eyes and not that visible.

I also really enjoyed the post that brought together mental health and beauty standards. I find myself wearing less makeup and putting less overall attention into my appearance when my mental health is poor. Depression and Anxiety can manifest in many ways, and while it is important to remember that inner beauty and self love should come first and foremost, sometimes the routine of putting on makeup can act as a form of self care! So when depression and anxiety start coming out of the woodwork, like she pointed out, it can be very difficult to be motivated to put effort into appearance. I appreciate her bravery in opening up about her mental health and tying it to the theme of her blog! It’s very interesting to think about all of the ways that mental health can affect beauty routines.

My last comment is a small mistake that I found when assessing their ability to connect their online selves together! I found her personal Instagram under her Contact page, however, on every page in the sidebar “stay connected” widget, the Instagram link takes me to an Instagram tag page called “wordcamp,” which seems to be a copying mistake- so I thought I would point it out!

Overall, great job on the blog!! I look forward to more posts that will help this fellow broke girlie look good on a student budget!

xoxo Average Sam




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