Peer Review #3: Noelle Cares

Noelle Cares is a blog dedicated to the things that Noelle cares about – in particular – skincare! Right away, I can tell that she put a lot of thought into the name of her blog because it is very clever at capturing what her blog is about. I notice that she has a colour scheme of purple and lavender which is consistent throughout her blog! (I love consistent themes colour schemes 🙂 ) Another thing that popped out to me is the logo – it looks very personalized and professional – if Noelle ever wanted to rebrand, I could see her redoing the logo or giving it a facelift one day and it would still be recognizable to her audience because it is so unique! I think it’s very cute and it gets across the message of the blog. I also like how professional and clean the bottom widget is, and how the logo is parallel with the top.

I think that the skincare blog itself could be a little bit more clear to access in order to gain the right audience! The audience and viewers that Noelle would want to market to would be those interested in getting to know skincare, so making it crystal clear on the homepage would be a good idea! Maybe on the sidebar? Also, a future consideration would be to have clear link to the posts for those who are beginning with skincare and don’t know where to start! I personally remember first getting into a skincare routine and being completely overwhelmed with information and not knowing what to look to first, so I appreciate the post where she shares her personal skincare routine, to give beginners an idea of what order to apply items for day and night! It looks like she made it herself, and made sure to make a credit at the bottom in case it gets shared anywhere, which is a great idea and can encourage others to check out her blog if the graphic gets spread!

A quick aesthetic pointer would be to centre all of her photos in the posts to make it look aligned. I like how all of the pictures in the thumbnails represent the content Noelle is going to talk about in the post, and furthermore, I like that Noelle has mainly used her own content and pictures, and has appropriately watermarked them to demonstrate it is her own content.

I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Noelle’s blog! 🙂

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