Peer Review #3 – Procrastireader

Hello folks, today I will be reviewing the third and final blog of this semester: Procrastireader! 🙂

I’m actually very pleased to be reviewing Victoria’s blog, because unbeknownst to her, she was actually a source of inspiration in the early workings of my blog! Her customized header that fills up the page on her home screen inspired me to make my own – it’s fun, eye-catching, and really gives her audience a sense of who she is by just using pictures! Victoria’s informative sidebar also is currently inspiring me to do something similar, in order to really introduce herself, give her pronouns, and inform people on her brand and why people should read her blog:

cute cute cute!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Procrastireader! My name is Victoria (she/her) and as the name suggests I like reading to avoid doing the unpleasant things I should really be doing in life. If you are also a procrastireader, this blog is the place for you. 

Victoria’s sidebar

In terms on monetization and a business plan, Victoria took it upon herself to make Press Release, announcing that she has made an email account for people to contact her at! This is perfect for sponsors or other brands looking to collaborate with her, and she makes it easy to find by also adding a CONTACT page at the very top menu!

With the brand that Victoria has gone with, there are many possibilities to collaborate and extend her audience. She has created the opportunity to expand her reach by encouraging book publishers to reach out to her if they would like a review of any of their books done by her. Great strategy, Victoria!

Victoria also started a Tik Tok which is a great way to take her brand to another platform and cross post! It’s also a great opportunity to build a community with other BookTokers (is that a thing?? thats a thing right?) – and it also spices up her content by giving her a platform to create videos! Victoria is VERY active on Tik tok and has quality videos. It gives audiences a chance to get to know her better which make her posts even more personalized and her voice recognizable! Find her Tik Tok HERE! 🙂

One of my favourite posts of Victoria’s is her Quarantine Book Recommendations (By Mood). As someone who plays TOO MUCH Animal Crossing, I will absolutely be checking out her recommendation for the book “Summer of Salt” which is for people like me!!!!

I thoroughly enjoy the consistency of her blog posts – she seems to really have a passion for reading and all things books and that really comes through in her blog. I too – have a passion for procrastinating, and her blog is making me want to pick up a book once in a while in order to escape our current hell-scape of a world and enter a nicer, fictional one! I will absolutely be referring to her blog the next time i’m looking for a book to read!! 🙂

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  1. Hi Sam! Thank you so much for your review. I’m glad you found my recommendations helpful 🙂 I need to play AC again it’s been too long and I miss it! Also yes, a community of BookTokers is most definitely a thing! I hope that you are able to pick up a good book soon to get away from this current hell-scape haha

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