What is a Professional Self?

A professional self is a distinct side that is shown to the world. The professional self and personal self should interconnect, however the professional self brings out the maintenance of a brand, or an idea – that is distinctively show in a different way.

Previously, I have brought both personal and professional sides to my blog. I showcased the work that I do at Strathcona Community Centre, where I held a weekly lunch hour cooking club for the kids at Strathcona Community Centre. I attempted to bring to light the issues that families face with food insecurity in the DTES. Some of the kids who took my classes have experience with food insecurity and negative relationships with food – so my goal was to create and environment where all skill levels were welcome and kids who had more experience in the kitchen could help mentor and work together with their peers that don’t have much experience.

When COVID-19 hit, I unfortunately had to cut my cooking classes short.. This is where I incorporated my personal life into my blog! I wrote a series where I try new things which was very fitting to the themes of quarantine and pandemic life… where most people took the opportunity to try new things (bread? dance routines? omelettes?)

I found that with both my previous posts, I still maintained an overarching theme which is what will guide the direction of my current brand: Staying Creative and Trying your Best (“Do the thing!”)

Currently, I am finding myself wrapped up in school and two jobs, and what I miss the most about the beginning of the pandemic was how much I managed to get creative and try new things! This is what will guide my blog from now on – Finding ways to stay creative (even if my skill level isn’t par with “artists”)… I hope that my brand of weekly creative activities will empower others to make time to be creative in whatever way suits them, and to just TRY the thing, no matter what skill level they are at!

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