Process Post #10 – Analytics and Growth

Google Analytics is a tool that businesses can use to see who is visiting their site, and how long they are visiting. GA can be useful for companies who are trying to reach a certain demographic because they can use it to see who is viewing their website the most, and if they are reaching their goals. Google Analytics can also be a useful tool to see if website or blog changes make a difference in user activity! Making a website and blog easy to use can ensure that viewers will enjoy the experience, and revisit. This can also be explored using Google Analytics because it shows website owners how many visitors are returning/new.

The referrals I had received on my Google Analytics were from classmates that peer reviewed my blog. They gave a direct link to my blog, therefore it makes sense that I would receive viewers directly from their blog.

From a marketing perspective, blogs that do paid partnerships with other companies and brands can use this tool to ensure that they are receiving the hits and visibility that they expected from this partnership. If there aren’t enough referrals to make it worth a blog’s money, it’s worth pulling out and finding a better option elsewhere.

Which pages gain the most views

The Pageviews tab breaks down the unique views by the day! I found this useful because I made changes to my blog around that time which made it easier to navigate my posts. This chart shows me that the changes paid off because viewers were able to access my blog posts more efficiently and easily, thus, giving my blog more overall views.

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