Process Post # 11 – Multiple Channels/Media

Incorporating “transmedia integration” into blogs is a way to completely transition one’s brand into as many mediums and channels as possible. It makes the experience of the blog a lot more relatable and realistic, and it can also help content creators gain followers by cross referencing – for example, if someone were to find my blog through my instagram, or find my instagram through my blog!

Cross referencing and using many different platforms is how social media starts-such as Youtubers like Zoelle- have done. The latest trend for Youtubers is to publish books, even if they have no previous literary experience. This not only brings guaranteed sales to book publishers due to the following that the stars already have, but it also can bring more viewers to readers that come across the book – and then proceed to look up their channel!

In this opinion-piece article by Kathryn Lindsay, she points out that Youtubers like Zoella – who sold more copies of her book in her first week of sales than J.K. Rowling – are making mockery of authors who put their livelihoods into writing literature that is constantly being sent back, edited, and arranged. Meanwhile, Youtubers can get their books published with barely any hassle – whether they wrote it (poorly) or brought on a ghost writer.

In pictures: Beauty blogger Zoella greeted by excited fans at book ...
Youtuber Zoe Sugg holding her book Girl Online

According to TeachThought, transmedia integration can be broken down into 5 main definitions:

1. Born-digital

Written first for and specifically to be read and viewed from the screen

2. Interactive

Requires user action to drive the story forward.

3. Multimedia

Uses text, images, music, sound effects, puzzles and games to illustrate and enhance the narrative.

4. A Novel

A reading-from-the-screen experience for the “always on” generation.

5. Episodic

Each a self-contained story, the chapters are both interactive and occur across media channels.

In regards to my blog, I hope to incorporate more narratives like these to really expand the potential of my blog. In example, incorporating Interactive techniques can take form of giving my audience the opportunity to choose or vote on recipes that I create with the kids!

Using Multimedia techniques is also a way to enhance my blog! I’ve already started to incorporate videos and Tik Toks into my blog posts to shake things up from just plain text, and spicing posts up using Gifs can also be a useful way to make blog posts approachable, but a way that I could really continue to facilitate a multi-faceted brand could incorporate vlogs, Spotify playlists, and more photography!

While i’ve already incorporated my Tik tok and Instagram account on my blog, my blog is the account that has less followers than my other social media accounts. What I will focus on going forward will be intertwining my blog into my daily personal accounts to gain more interaction!

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