Process Post #7 – Weekly Ch-Ch-Changes

When giving my review of Broke Girl Beauty, I recognized that the very thing I was suggesting to her (providing pictures to grab the attention of the reader) – I had failed to do myself!

I had a few different options for providing aesthetically pleasing pictures that could grab the attention of viewers…

 First, I thought about providing different bars of colours that relate to the colour scheme of my blog that would separate each blog post while also adding a bit of colour.


The issues:
→ My theme is fairly restrictive, so I would have to place these post separators in the “Featured Image” option.
→When clicking on the post, the random image of a box of colour is pretty random. not in the fun way.
→ all of the photos of different colours are different sized boxes, and doesn’t actually look as good as I imagined on the front page, or the post itself.
→ Splashes of colours are all fine and dandy, but they don’t actually provide any meaning or relation to my blog.

I wanted something that something that was objectively enjoyable to look at on my homepage, but reflected the vibe of a cute website that didn’t take itself too seriously.

So, I decided that I wanted images that relate to my blog in a way that gives readers a very brief but clear expectation of what to expect in a given post – but I wanted to make sure it was aesthetically consistent.

... I went with the Simpsons.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here’s why:
→ To this very date, there are 675 episodes of The Simpsons. That’s 30 seasons of content. It’s the longest running animated television sit com show in America. Surely there is relatable content!
→ If you go to there is literally an episode search engine for pictures! That means, if I want to find a relatable picture for my pizza post, I just have to type in pizza and it finds a Simpsons screencap involving pizza! Amazing!
→ Although some of the images were different sizes, it was less noticeable because there is more content to look at than the plain colours.
→ While my blog isn’t a Simpsons themed blog, it’s a fun cheeky way to describe my content! Duh!
→ Consistency! We love Consistency!
→ Also.. it’s just funny ok? Let me live! Taking out of context screenshots and quotes and applying it to my content is super satisfying and totally on brand with the silliness I want in my blog.

Maybe in the future i’ll find a new theme that lets me showcase my blog in a more serious way, and i’ll find graphics that best fit my blog and match everything perfectly. But for now?


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