Process Post #9 – Audience + Marketing

Hello peers and pals.

I made some changes. (Am I marketable yet???!)

So, on this blog journey, I have been fighting a long and hard battle with themes. My incompetence with coding/customization paired with the little time I have allocated in creating a meaningful platform that represents me – is going to kill me faster than any coronavirus out there (covid19 joke count: 1). But I think the aesthetic decisions I have made lately will finally give me some peace of mind in these sad, desperate times.



… Talk about a FACELIFT!

When it comes to data trails, it feels like i’m running a race that I can’t keep up with. I think I’ve personally thrown in the towel when it comes to protections from leaving data trails on every website I go. I haven’t been too bothered by the targeted advertisements that are constantly thrown my direction, but when it comes to personal data that can be breached, it’s a bit concerning.

Personally, as a content creator, I haven’t used my analytics in a way that manipulates my content. I hope my viewers don’t feel violated or seen, and I hope that their activeness on my blog is not plagued with anxiety. The viewing experience should be a pleasant one, and while website interactiveness is important, it shouldn’t be obvious in a way that disturbs the viewer.

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