Remix your Clothes!!

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I have a value village/thrift shop addiction. It overlaps with my terrible impulse control, which means I buy a lot of clothes without a second thought and then… I end up donating them again. It somewhat defeats the purpose of saving money when you’re essentially just buying clothes and then giving them back for free a few months later for value village to sell again…

After just having moved homes (and downgrading my closet size…) I decided to do my bi-monthly closet cleanout! I came across a T-shirt that I had gotten from Value Village about 4 months ago. It was just a plain white T shirt, which I bought because I figured that everyone should have a plain white T-shirt in their closet.. What I didn’t take into account was the way it fit me.

Just as I started to place the T-shirt in the donation pile… I decided that maybe it would fit better if I cropped it! I don’t have much experience hemming or cropping clothing, so I decided to take a good old pair of kitchen scissors and attempt to make the T-shirt into a cropped tank top that I would likely wear more often.

The lines were a little shaky, but I changed it into a crop top and it fits soo much better with more of my outfits.. and honestly.. I kind of like the shaky cut! It’s kind of a rugged style that goes well with black high waisted jeans and boots!

I challenge YALL to REMIX YOUR CLOTHES! Whether it’s Tye Dye, Cropping, Sewing, Ripping, etc… Instead of getting rid of your clothing item.. try and make it what you want! Try and make it last that much longer.. and then Post in the comments below 🙂

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