Week 10 – Multicultural Fair / Smoothies

The day of the multicultural fair, which started at 9:15am, I had other work plans from 7am-9am. Luckily these work plans were in the room down the hallway from the gymnasium that the fair was taking place in, so it was easy to go back and forth to set up. There had been a lot of anxiety around whether this multicultural day fair should have gone forward due to the COVID19 pandemic that was becoming more and more serious by the day, but alas, with lots of hand sanitizer and gloves- the show went on. The kids were escorted in groups throughout the day from their classrooms to check out the gymnasium setup.

Multicultural Day consists of members of the school and community of Strathcona setting up kid-friendly informational booths to share their culture with the kids. Some people make drinks, food, and crafts, while others set up fun informative games that are within the theme of their represented country.

I was asked by the coordinator of the fair to manage a table to represent the Breakfast Program at the community centre, which is why i chose a breakfast granola for the kids of my lunch club to help me make! To add a little something else, we also made infused water for people to try! The water combinations that we came up with were:

  1. Mint and Cucumber
  2. Lemon and Lime
  3. Blueberry and Orange

I got 5 of my lunch club students to help me run the table, where they portioned out the granola and poured the different waters for people! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the granola, and the kids were very proud of their work! In the end, we went through 3 large pans of granola.

The next day…

After a successful multicultural fair, I was finally able to relax (sort of) !

Typically, I do the exact same activities both Wednesday and Thursday lunch time cooking clubs, however, we didn’t need any more granola – and most of the kids had already tasted it at the fair, so i figured we would finish off the last cooking club before spring break with… Smoothies!!!

It was hard to tell how many students would show up today because some of the kids informed me that some of their peers would be away on a field trip, so I decided to take advantage of the fact that we only have 2 blenders in our program so that the low attendence numbers wouldn’t matter as much and everyone would have time to make a smoothie!

And just like that, another term of lunch club is completed!! With all of this coronavirus panic happening, there is a possibility that the schools will close for another few weeks, which means i’ll have lots of time to prepare and plan some fun activities for cooking club next term!

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