Process Post #2 – Cyberinfastructure + Web Developing

The reason I started this blog in the first place was for my PUB 101 class. A class that was admittedly meant to be a GPA booster, ended up turning into an existential crisis.

Samantha’s Finsta; A stress post invoked by a first level university class.

“Who are you? What is your voice? What do you want people to see?”

quick rant about my current “cyber infrastructure”
I admittedly hadn’t thought much about my image on social media, because I didn’t see myself in the career where that was necessary to take into consideration. I knew a few things about myself: I was a student, I loved my friends and family, I loved having fun, I embrace expression of the human body and sexuality, and i love using my platform to show where I stand on social issues in order to invoke conversation. I like to think my (main) Instagram gives off those aspects of me, but in reality- it’s really just pictures that are edited through a VSCO filter that act as a memory book for myself, and a visual update for those around me. After some semi-deep thinking about the purpose of my current cyber-infrastructure, possible conclusion that I use social media to take up space in the world just enough to translate to everybody around me that I still exist. My posts reflect what are important to me (Which is a lot of things!!) and they reflect what I want the world to know about me, so that they can just look at my Instagram feed and understand what’s happening in my life. I think like everyone, I work hard in crafting my social media presence to look as genuine as possible… which is what we call in the biz…. a paradox!

ok… now about my web design process!

  • Themes + Types of Pages -> I recently discovered that there will be certain aesthetic customization options that are not applicable to certain themes! I discovered this problem when I wanted to customize the sidebar on certain “Categories Pages”, so that certain posts would end up on pages like “POSIEL” or “Cooking Club,” and I would have a cute little header that was different on each page to explain the page! But it wouldn’t let me do that!
    • I fixed this problem by making an INTRO “parent page” and then adding a”child page” onto that page, which would be a “Category”
      • ex #1 : Home Page -> Sam + Zeke Book Club (Page) -> Blog (Category)
      • ex #2: Home Page -> Cooking Club (Page) -> Winter Semester (Category)
    • HOT TIP: To do this easily, I added a “Post Type Switcher” plugin that allows me to play around with the different page types seamlessly!
  • Another problem with my theme is the lack of aesthetic customization on the home page. I really would prefer that my home page would have an intro below the header before displaying my recent posts, and I also wish my sidebar was boxed, so it looks a bit cleaner, but I’m going to play around with the theme and try to Make the Home page “static” which is the alternate option to having the homepage just display recent posts. We shall see!
  • GIFS -> Another issue I ran into was that my GIFs that i was adding weren’t moving! They were just frozen on the first frame!
    • To solve this problem, I uploaded the saved gif, but made sure the size of the GIF was the original/ full size! Then it worked no problem!
    • has really helped me with many many technical issues on my blog, and the GIF problem was one of them!

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