Week 2 – Nachos

One of my classes was cancelled due to Vancouver’s “Snowmageddon,” but for my Thursday class, the kids were pleasantly surprised to have a laid back day of nachos!! I portioned out the chips for everyone so that everyone got an equal serving of chips (see: kids don’t know what portion control means quite yet)

The ability to get so many kids organized enough to follow recipes in under an hour is all about the setup of the space. Having stations and equipment laid out and ready for the kids to use is a large time saver, and makes the class go as efficiently as possible. Instead of choosing a food related activity that involves a long cooking process, I chose a fairly easy recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to cook – that way, they can take the nachos right away and don’t need to wait until after school to eat them. I left the cheese out for the kids to grate on their own, and made a whole station for cutting up peppers and onions that they wanted to add to their nacho creations. At the end, they topped them off with salsa and sour cream and were on their way.

Because of the snowstorm the day before, I didn’t get to defrost the ground beef in time, so for future nacho recipes, the ground beef would have really enhanced the

~ nacho experience ~

If you check out next week’s post, you’ll see how I was able to incorporate the leftover ground beef into our mini pizzas, so it didn’t go to waste! 🙂

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