Week 5 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

At Week 5 – we are already almost halfway through this term! When deciding what to make with the kiddos, the very intricate, thoroughly planned, carefully curated menu is usually based off of… what i’m craving in that moment. Which is generally chocolate chip cookies! Last year, I found that a lot of time was saved if I pre-portioned the butter out for each student! I got the kids to work in pairs, and went off of a “Small Batch” recipe, that make about 12 cookies per pair. The trick with the butter texture is to microwave it from the fridge for no more than 15 seconds. The butter should not be melted, but rather, in tact and soft enough to poke a hole in it. The kids were to first cream the butter with a fork to mimic the texture that a kitchen aid or hand-mixer would give a much larger portion of butter typical to regular cookie recipes. My favourite tip when mixing everything together is to stir in a figure-eight motion, one ingredient at a time.

2 more important aspects to this recipe:

  1. Including only the egg yolk in the recipe (I found the whole egg made the batter too fluid)
  2. Using light brown sugar and white sugar (produced the best texture of cookie)

The first day we made cookies, I used the melted butter to see if the butter really made a difference…

it did…

It didn’t even matter how careful I paid attention to the recipe, my cookies turned out bad, but it also didn’t help that I overcooked them because I forgot that they were in the oven while assisting everyone with the recipe. Oh well! I like to use everything as a learning experience, so I showed all of the kids my shameful cookies – as an example that “even adults mess up! It’s ok!” .. I also thought that it would be a great learning experience when it comes to following recipes! The kids got to see first hand how altering a small aspect of a recipe can alter the outcome of a cookie, so I think my failed cookies were worth it for the ~learning~ !

For the record, the next day, I did redeem myself. I carefully ensured to follow the steps exactly, and I didn’t over-melt the butter. I also let the dough sit for quite a while before baking them, which also may have helped the second cookie attempt become a success!

Chewy goodness. A+

Basically all of the cookies the the second day turned out perfect! I’m not sure if it was a full moon, but there was something in the air that helped the kids bake some dang good chocolatey chip treats…

… or maybe I just learned from experience to take the cookies out earlier?

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