Week 6.5 – Valentines Day Workshop!

It’s Friday, February 14th. The kids have a Pro-D day! While most kids from the elementary school-next door to the community centre I work-at are at home opening their valentines that they received the day before and binging on sugar- a select few kids are here at the community centre at 10:30am with a different way to start their day.

Once a month, food staff members at the community centre put on events, workshops, or field trips for select students to participate in that focus on health, cooking, food skills, and teamwork. This workshop happened to run on Valentines Day, so naturally, we decided to revolve it around heart health!

Itinerary for the workshop!

itinerary of the workshop

In attendance, we had:

-2 staff members

-2 adult volunteers

-6 elementary school students

-2 youth mentors (high school students)


One of our adult volunteers set up an educational station, giving the students an educational talk on what makes a healthy heart. She focused on why heart health is important, and what contributes to maintaining a healthy heart! This included specific foods that were featured in the workshop that the kids had worked with, such as: tuna, seeds, beets, veggies, and fruit!


Next, came the food preparation! We seperated the kids into 4 different groups:

Salad Station (fennel + beet salad with sunflower seeds)

Soup Station (vegetable soup)

Sandwich Station (tuna sandwiches)

Baking Station (red velvet white chocolate cookies) ((directed by yours truly))


The kids all did such a great job preparing the food! everyone had an hour to complete their cooking task at their designated stations before we set the table and sat down together to enjoy a homemade lunch together. After lunch, the kids cleaned up, and were sent on their way with a bag of cookies to enjoy along for the long weekend ahead of them. <3

Here is the recipe I used for the White Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Cookies!!!


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