Week 6 – Hummus

This week was an early dismissal for both classes, therefore I decided to try a healthy, easy, dip for the kids to give a shot. My only problem was that I forgot the essential ingredient for this dip… CHICKPEAS! The word Hummus literally directly translates to Chickpeas in Arabic. So…. That was silly of me.

Pictured: Me running to the store 30 minutes before my class to get the supplies

“Hummus” comes from the Arabic word meaning “chickpeas”, and the full name of the prepared spread in Arabic is ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna which means “chickpeas with tahini”


The kids were fairly divided when first learning about this weeks recipe. Half of them were excited, and the other half were.. less than. I told them to give it a try anyways, and most of them ended up enjoying the hummus that they made! While making hummus is fairly easy, it’s a bit tedious having to scrape the corners of the food processor every 10 seconds, add water, blend, repeat… and it was 12 kids in pairs vs. 1 food processor. To keep the kids busy while they were each waiting their turn to use the food processor (with my help) I set up a station for the kids to chop up veggies for dipping!

While I personally consider myself a professional when it comes to eating hummus, i’m admittedly new to the process of making hummus. My coworker gave me a few good words of advice before my class started, which turned out to be very helpful:

  1. Blend the tahini paste beforehand with the garlic in the food processor
  2. Add a little hot water along the way to make the hummus more smooth and less thick
  3. Pull out the blender if needed, it works just as well as the food processor
  4. To keep the food processor from overheating, getting the kids to mash the chickpeas beforehand with a potato masher can make it easier on the food processor, and also give the kids something to do while they’re waiting for their turn!

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