Process Post #6 – Audience

At first, the only audience I really cared about was myself. I have to admit, I’ve creeped my blog the most out of anyone probably, because I’ve never had an official platform to create an internet space of my own. It’s frustrating, it’s rewarding, it’s a good time.

Once I started posting more about my lunch time cooking class with kiddos, I started to wonder if anyone would be personally interested in my content other than myself, my friends, and family!

At first, I displayed my personal Instagram, and then I started thinking about the audience I may acquire. I started to feel uncomfortable with the idea of my personal Instagram – a whole different side of me – attached to my “Cooking with Sam” persona. I am a self identified wholesome human being and generally would not be ashamed of having my personal Instagram up for those to see- however, if I decided to make my blog open to the public by creating more searchable terms- its very possible that the kids I teach will come across this blog someday, therefore I have made the choice to disconnect my personal social media from this platform (although, kids are smart and probably will find my Instagram regardless, so you better believe I switched that setting over to private!)

I started thinking about the direction of my blog. Something very important to me is the awareness of food insecurity! Once I have my blog really perfected, I would like to share it on more platforms- and possibly even my Linked In page (after many many many edits, of course!)

I think my blog had potential for showcasing a very important program that we have created at the community centre, and I would love to gain the interest and views of other community members – or possible funders – that would be interested in supporting this program.

There are still many things I want to learn, and I would really like to perfect the design of my website before truly showcasing it, but i’m currently at a crossroads between making this a professional community, youth, and food centred blog – or a personal blog that includes book reviews, playlists, and other silly attempts at things.

Once I find my true direction, I think I will have a better idea of where to showcase my blog.

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