Week 9 – Granola

Next week is the multicultural fair. I’ve agreed to make enough granola to feed at least 500 kids, so i’ve decided to call in for back up by using my lunch club kids! Although I’m not sure what culture we are representing, I think i’ll just settle for Canada because we are using a recipe that involved maple syrup?

A very important note is to make sure all items that are received contain no traces of nuts!! This was surprisingly difficult. Things such as banana chips and pumpkin seeds all contained nuts, or traces of nuts! While i’m sure it would have been fine and the label is only necessary when things are processed at the same facility of peanut items, I would hate to be responsible for any allergic reactions, therefore, I had to be very very picky!

On the other hand, all of the kids in my lunch class had no peanut allergies, therefore I could afford to be a bit less picky with their batch. I got the kids to make two different types of granola: one for them, and one for the multicultural fair! It was a fairly simple recipe, so the kids found it fun to make large batches.


The recipe for the multicultural fair had to be very simple because of the limitation of nut products. That batch of granola was limited to oats, cinnamon, oil, maple syrup, vanilla, and dried cranberries. On the other hand, the kids without peanut allergies were able to add pumpkin seeds, crystallized ginger, and dried apricot which really enhanced the flavours and colours!

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